Making good, data-driven decisions that drive growth

Making good, data-driven decisions that drive growth. Isn’t this is on every businesses to-do list in 2016?

It is a tough area to get right though because of the dynamics required to help provide good outputs. In addition there are common misconceptions that we are already drowning in data and a general lack of understanding of how to transform that data into useful information and use it for improving decision making.

Advertising 101

The campaign headline GO BEYOND is incredibly strong visually appealing, however when developing Advertising and headlines designed to ‘cut through’ it is important to test your statement and do due diligence.


On first read “TOP 2% UNIVERSITY WORLDWIDE” seems like an amazing result and a great tagline. However if you dig a little and do some fact checking and compare to other universities in the region – they rank higher.

If this is a key part of student decision making criteria, as you might expect, students seeking to go to a top university have already done their homework and know the rankings for universities and how each one compares for individual courses.